Your benefits:


The use of the Izodom passive solutions significantly reduces heating costs - you save even 30.000EUR on your heating bills!

Caring for the environment

An energy efficient house makes it possible to cut at least 18 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year!


It takes only 5 working days to build one storey of a medium-sized house. Thus, the entire house - from the foundations up to the roof - is ready within a few weeks.


The Izodom technology, as one of the most durable ones on the market, is recommended for use in seismically active zones and hurricane-prone areas.

Larger area

Walls built in the Izodom technology are thinner than standard ones. Therefore, it is possible to save even a dozen or so meters of usable area.

Enhanced value

As of 2020, the EU regulations will impose the obligation to build passive houses only. In case of anticipated sale, conventional house owners shall be obliged to adapt additional thermal renovation solutions.

Completed projects

Izodom - all in one

Izodom - all in one

The Izodom system comprises over 100 elements which can be joined as building blocks to form a specific, required size and shape of a house.
Next, the elements are filled with concrete. The thickness of the insulating layers, the type of concrete and possible reinforcement are selected according to the needs.
The Izodom elements are suitable to construct any type of building: a multi-storey block of flats, a detached house or even a swimming pool.
This is a completely safe

The Izodom elements were used
as early as in 1996
to construct an 11-storey
energy efficient
block of flats.

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